Why Polyester is Called Outdoor Fabric? – Traits of the Best Polyester Yarn

When designers select the fabric for the outdoor purpose, then they have a specific set of requirements such as warm, waterproof and durable. In the criteria of outdoor fabric requirements, polyester is the only fabric that suits well. In all the common outdoor gears like sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and others, the best polyester yarn is used.
But, if you are not sure about the outdoor capabilities of polyester fabric and thinking about using cotton or wool in your outdoor gears, then let’s test the best polyester fabric on the outdoor gears requirement list.
Polyester an Outdoor Fabric or Not?
Warm Nature of Polyester                    
One of the best quality of the polyester that makes it a perfect outdoor fabric – it’s warm nature. Polyester fabric is weaved tightly which makes impossible for moisture and precipitation to pass through it. Moreover, this fabric retains the heat inside and keeps you warm in the outdoors.
However, polyester is a non-breathable fabric so it is good for the inner lining, but for outer shielding, it can’t be used directly. Thus, polyester fabric is mixed with some other breathable fabric to make it more durable.
Waterproof Polyester
Outdoor gears have to be waterproof so that they can easily observe rain droplets. You might have noticed that most of the outdoor gears are designed from polyester so you must be assuming that polyester is a waterproof fabric. Now, this is a wrong assumption because polyester isn’t a waterproof fabric by nature. The fabric of polyester is woven extremely tight to make it waterproof.
To make polyester waterproof, a highly complicated technique called ultrasonic welding is performed. This technique is performed by selective polyester yarn manufacturer in India as it is an expensive process. This fabric has a high level of water-resistant capabilities that makes it a perfect fabric for outdoor activities.
Comparison of Polyester
Polyester is waterproof and warm by nature that makes it a desirable outdoor gear fabric. But, cotton and wool are also two similar kinds of fabrics. So, why not use them instead of polyester?
Polyester vs Cotton
Cotton and polyester are two mainly used fabrics in the outdoor gears due to some similar traits. Polyester is a synthetic fabric whereas cotton is a natural fabric made up of the cotton plant. They both have some traits that make them outdoor fabric.
Cotton is a breathable fabric as compared to polyester that makes it easy to use outdoor fabric. The tight polyester woven might make it a warm fabric, but is impossible to breathe through it.
Moreover, cotton is a soft material that can handle lots of wear and tear. But, being a synthetic material polyester has a longer lifespan. Plus, polyester can observe moisture easily whereas cotton can’t observe moisture.
Keeping all the pros and cons of both the fabrics in the mind, we can clearly see that polyester is the most suitable outdoor fabric. Moreover, to eliminate polyester limitations, polyester and cotton mixed fabric named polycotton is used these days.
Polyester vs Wool
Okay, so outdoor gears have to be warm and what’s better than wool to keep warm? Well, it’s true, but still, wool isn’t ideal outdoor fabric because it is not waterproof and is way more expensive than polyester to use in outdoor gears. However, for the inner lining of coats and other warm clothes, wool is used with the outer shielding of polyester as it can trap heat.
The Best Polyester Fabric
If you want to design the best quality outdoor wears, then you need to get the best polyester yarn only. So, when you want – durable, warm and waterproof polyester fabric, then you can trust SDSPL – the best textile company in Surat that offers you one of the best quality polyester fabric.

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