Understand the Best Polyester Yarn Closely Through Q/As

Everyone is today aware of the popular synthetic fabric polyester that comes with certain properties. The best polyester fabrics are highly demanded in the fashion industry because a variety of garments and fashion accessories can be designed from this wonderful fabric.
But, polyester is a man-made fabric, thus even the best polyester yarn is questioned by some people. The people who aren’t familiar with polyester fabric, always question the credibility and authenticity of the fabric because it’s not natural like silk, cotton, etc., Thus, today to make you understand the nature and properties of polyester closely, we are going to address common questions asked by people regarding polyester.
Question 1. When was the polyester introduced?
Answer. In 1941, the polyester was first introduced by John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson. However, the utilization of polyester in the mainstream commercial fashion industry didn’t begin before 1970. The polyester fabric became popular soon due to the way it was advertised. It was advertised that one can wear this fabric for straight 68 days without ironing and still it will look amazing.
However, thanks to the loud, shiny and cheap suits designed in the 1970s, people start to look polyester as a cheap and uncomfortable fabric. This is a very wrong interpretation of the polyester because of the best textile companies like SDSPL manufacturers for people who are looking for durable and strong fabric.
Question 2. Why invest in polyester?
Answer. If you are wondering why should I buy the best polyester yarn, then you have to do that due following character traits of polyester –
It is highly durable and chemical resistant fabric
Due to abrasions, wrinkling, shrinking and stretching qualities – polyester is the first preference of the fashion industry
Polyester fabric is very lightweight yet very strong                                                     
This fabric can be easily dyed
It retains the original shape
It retains the original shape
Polyester can be washed and dried easily at home
Question 3. Who should use polyester?
Answer. Polyester is a perfect fabric choice for different types and styles of industries. There are plenty of different types of industries using the polyester as their main raw material –
Sportswear Industry
Bedding industry such as bed sheets, table cloths, curtains, etc.,
Sewing threads and so on.
Question 4. Is it easy to design polyester fabric?
Answer. It depends upon the capacity of the polyester manufacturing company mainly. If you have purchased the best polyester yarn manufactured by the best textile company in Surat, then you will see that the polyester yarn designing process is very simple. That’s because they have different types of techniques and tools to manufacture polyester fabric easily and efficiently.
But, if you are talking about the incompetent textile company that doesn’t know how to manufacture, spin and dye polyester, then the process of manufacturing polyester is difficult for them. Thus, the competency and efficiency of the polyester designing process completely depend upon the textile company.
Question 5. Why is polyester the first choice of the apparel industry?
Answer. Polyester fabric is the first preference of the fashion industry due to plenty of different reasons such as –
Thermoplastic – Polyester is a thermoplastic fabric that means designers can easily add permanent pleats and decorative shapes and patterns on the fabric without damaging the original shape of the fabric.
Stain-resistant – Polyester is 100% stain-resistant fabric that can survive without regular ironing and won’t lose its inner charm to wrinkles.
Easy to Mix – Polyester can be easily amalgamated with other fabrics to form a new and better fabric choice for the garments. For instance, polyester and cotton are often mixed to form polycotton as it embodies the benefits of both fabrics; strong, durable, wrinkle-resistant and far more breathable than 100% polyester.
After looking at these polyester Q/A, you must have figured out the real nature of polyester by far. But, when you are looking for the complete textile solution based company to order the best quality polyester fabric, then always trust SDSPL.

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