Greige vs. RFD Fabric: Which Fabric to Order Today

Greige vs. RFD Fabric: have or starting a garment business, you must have heard of greige fabric and RFD fabric terms already. Some people even consider both fabrics the same, which is not right. There are some basic differences in both fabrics that you need to understand so you can provide top-quality products to your customers.
At SDSPL, we deal with greige as well as RFD fabrics, so we can better help you distinguish between both fabric types. So, let’s understand what differentiates greige and RFD fabrics.
What’s Greige fabric                                          
Greige fabric or grey fabric is produced in a factory through the knitting or woven process. The Greige term is coined after combining grey and beige words. This fabric has nothing to do with the color grey; in fact, it is off-white-colored fabric. It’s just a plain and raw fabric that required further processing before you can dye, print, or manufacture it in any other way.
What’s RFD fabric
RFD fabric, aka finish fabric, is a fully processed fabric that is ready for end-users. Mostly, the greige fabric is a finished fabric that has gone through different processes meeting high-standard quality and solid color guarantees. You can order RFD fabrics when you don’t wish to process your fabric further.
Comparison between Greige and RFD fabric
As per the best textile company in India, SDSPL, grey, and finish fabrics have the following differences;
Development process
Greige fabrics are only processed once as they directly come from a knitting or weaving factory. On the contrary, RFD material goes through multiple processes before reaching you, such as bleaching, scouring, equalizing, and many more.
As the name suggests, grey fabric is either available in grey or off-white color. But RFD fabric is only available in white color that you can dye as per your requirements.
Useful for
Greige fabrics come from the main fabric manufacturing process, so they are raw and not useful for anyone in particular, except the textile companies. But once greige fabrics are turned into finish fabric, they become useful for garment dyeing, printing, manufacturing, etc.
Development cost
Since greige is not processed, thus, it is less costly than RFD fabrics. Depending upon the processing cost, RFD fabrics’ cost varies.
Grey fabric is unfinished, so it’s heavy as compared to the lightweight RFD fabrics. Also, greige fabric has a large width, like 63 inches. On the contrary, the finished fabric is less broad than the greige fabric. It has around 56 to 58 inches in width.
If we talk about the feel of both the fabrics, you will find the finished fabric softer and richer than the greige fabric, which is hard and rough in texture. Without further processing, it is impossible to use greige fabric in any way.
The bottom line
So, if you want to customize fabric based on your requirements, you should order from SDSPL today. But if you need a ready-to-use fabric, you can get RFD fabric and start dying or printing it. If you have any more questions related to greige or RFD fabrics, you can contact us anytime!

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