5 Quick Tips to Preserve Polyester Fabrics

When we buy everyday clothes, then most of them are made from synthetic fabrics like polyester Fabrics. The reason behind more utilization of synthetic fabrics in garment manufacturing is – they are lightweight, shrink resistant, won’t wrinkle easily and easy to care.
The best polyester fabrics are amalgamated with cotton and other fabrics to create a blend of durable fabric. Polyester is a favorite fabric of garment manufacturers because polyester clothing is easy to dye as compared to other fabrics like cotton or silk. Moreover, it dries way quicker and offers resistance to abrasion. So, all in all, polyester is the best fabric for everyday clothes. But, if you want to preserve the quality of the best polyester yarn, then you have to protect your fabric very carefully and gently.
Tips to Preserve Polyester Fabric                                      
When you buy the best polyester garment that is manufactured from the best polyester yarn manufacturer in India like SDSPL, then your garment is going to stay beautiful for years. But, if you follow a few preservation tips to perfectly look after polyester garments, then you can protect the beauty of your garments lifelong.
Protect from Extensive Heat                                          
Polyester is easy to dry and wash the fabric, but it is sensitive to heat. If you expose your polyester garment to heat directly, then your garment can damage. While using a heating dryer or hot iron to smooth the wrinkles, never expose your garment to constant heat. You should use low medium temperature in your washing machine before cleaning your clothes. And, there’s no need to iron your polyester clothes, you should gently press them with your hands and hang them immediately after wash and you are good to wear them.
Protection from Sunlight
Apart from protecting your polyester garments from artificial heating sources, you should also protect them from the direct sunlight. If you expose your polyester clothes to the direct sunlight for a long time, then the bright colors of synthetic fabric will start to fade eventually. Thus, to dry your clothes, only put them under partial sunlight for a few minutes. If the glares of the sun are too bright in your area, then you should cover your clothes with cotton fabric to dry easily.
Quick Action Against Stains
Well, if you sweat a lot or wear polyester clothes while working out, then you should not leave your sweat stains for too long. If the sweat stains aren’t cleaned timely, then your sweat can cause discoloration of your fabric due to perspiration. Thus, whenever your clothes are sweaty, then immediately wash them with the clean water.
Oily Stains
Synthetic fibers hold onto oily stains, and we all know that oil and water do not mix. So if you get an oil-based stain on a polyester blouse, it will not be removed in normal washing. That’s why to clean the stubborn oil stains from your favorite polyester Tshirt, you need to use some professional cleaning detergent to remove oily stains from your polyester garments. Moreover, oil stain should be removed instantly because once the stain gets old, then it won’t go away without leaving a mark.
Cool Water Wash
Polyester is called the wonder fabric of the modern world because it is dry-able, durable, easy to care fabric. Polyester fabric can be easily washed in a washing machine using the lukewarm water, but you should check the label present on your fabric before washing. You should dry polyester garments on low speed and heat. It is good to take polyester garments out of the drier when they are still a little damp to avoid wrinkles formation.  By doing this, there no need to iron your clothes.
Preserve Polyester for Years
If you look after your polyester garments carefully and buy the best polyester yarn made in the high-quality manufacturing units like SDSPL , then you can wear your clothes for years. Just be a little gentle with polyester and it won’t ever disappoint you.

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