Comparison Between Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) and Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

Are you planning to buy polyester yarn for your next textile project? Then, do you know the basic difference between Drawn Textured Yarn and Fully Drawn Yarn
Not many people know what’s the actual difference between DTY and FDY polyester yarn, which makes it hard for them to select the right raw material. Since the SDSPL is the best textile company in Surat, so we deal with both DTY and FDY—and know how they are different.
In this post, we will show you how Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) and Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) are different from each other so you can make a smart decision.
What is Drawn Textured Yarn?
Polyester DTY is formed when polyester POY is sequentially or simultaneously twisted and drawn. Basically, the Drawn Textured Yarn is a twisted and stretched fabric.
DTY network wire strands in the network called the nozzle, the jet flow, monofilament entangled with each other to form a network of filaments periodic points. The high-level processing and manufacturing technologies are used to twist polyester yarn strands to form a fine-quality DTY. There are multiple cyclical and network points used to increase the bulkiness and flexibility of the fabric.
Usability of Drawn Textured Yarn
DTY is a weaving and knitting fabric that can be used to create garments, home decor, bags, seat covers, and many other things. The polyester DTY can be available in Semi Dull, Bright, and Trilobe Bright depending upon the filament used to manufacture it.
Usually, Drawn Textured Yarn is a great replacement for cotton and cotton blend fabrics that contains very low moisture content. Due to the less moisture observing nature, DTY is prominently used to create furniture, upholstery, body clinging clothes, garments, and so much more. It is a great outdoor fabric with high water-retaining capabilities.
What is Full Drawn Yarn?
Fully Drawn Yarn or Spinning Drawn Yarn is produced with intense spinning process stretching obtained from the high level of filament winding and medium crystallinity. The FDY is a full synthetic fabric that makes a super soft and smooth fabric.
FDY production can be low speed and full high wire. The high wire manufacturing process is adopted to make elastic fabric, stretchable fabric, and other production. On the contrary, the low production is useful to achieve stable product quality, less breakage wool yarn, and dyeing uniformity.
Uses of Full Drawn Yarn
Fully Drawn Yarn is used as weft or weaves fabric. It can be knitted with other fabrics to form a blended fabric. FDY is mainly available in three clusters— Semi-dull (SD), Bright (BR) having circular section & Triloble Bright (TBR) having triangular cross-sections.
The soft and smooth texture of FDY makes it a first preference of the fashion industry, home furnishing, denim, towel, and other textile manufacturing industries. FDY fabric containing trilobal bright luster is heavily used to make curtains, carpets, bedsheets, etc.
FDY and DTY are both made from polyester strands, but they are fundamentally different from each other. If you want to buy high-quality polyester DTY and FDY to complete your manufacturing process, you can easily order both products from the SDSPL. We use the best PET Chips to manufacture the best textiles on your demand!
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