Semi Dull Chips :

The Yarn grade or Textile grade chips are available  Semi Dull (SD Chips). The process of making Chips consists of mixing a thermoplastic polyester-resin material with an alumina tri-hydrate (ATH) filler and with a pigment, if desired, in a heated extruder to produce a continuous stream of thermoplastic agglomerate

Sr. No. Properties Test Method Unit Specs
1 Intrinsic Viscosity ASTM.D-2857 dl/gm 0.635± 0.010
2 End Group (COOH) Titrametric Meq/Kg 30 ± 10
3 Ash Gravimetric % 0.30 ±0.05
4 L Colour Value Hunter Lab Value 80 ±4
5 B Colour Value Hunter Lab Value 4 ±2
6 DEG Ionization % Max 1.2
7 Chips per gram Count. No. 30 ± 4
8 U V Test Under U V Lamp Uniform
9 Black Particles Visible Test Nil


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